Canadian Weather Radar   Environment Canada
US Weather Radar   NOAA
Satellite Image   NOAA
UVic School-Based Weather Station Network   (click on any station)

Marine Weather for the South Coast (chart)   Environment Canada
Marine Weather for the South Coast (text only)   Environment Canada
Johnstone Strait   Environment Canada
Strait of Georgia - North of Nanaimo | South of Nanaimo   Environment Canada
Haro Strait   Environment Canada
Juan de Fuca Strait - East Entrance | Central | West Entrance   Environment Canada
West Coast Vancouver Island South   Environment Canada
Guide to Environment Canada Marine Weather Forecasts   Environment Canada
Marine Weather Guide - Pacific Coast   Environment Canada

Neah Bay, WA   NOAA
Tatoosh Island, WA   NOAA
Saturna Island   Environment Canada
Kelp Reefs   Environment Canada
Ten Mile Point   Weather Underground
Discovery Island   Environment Canada
Victoria Gonzales   Environment Canada
Esquimalt Harbour   Environment Canada
Race Rocks Lightstation   Environment Canada
Sheringham Point   Environment Canada
Tofino Airport   Environment Canada
La Perouse Bank   Environment Canada

Grays Harbor, WA   Scripps
South Brooks - Height | Direction   Stormsurf
La Perouse Bank - Height | Direction   Stormsurf
Cape Elizabeth - Height | Direction   Stormsurf
Table of UTC Time (GMT) to Pacific Time   NOAA

Ucluelet   WCWCP
Neah Bay   NOAA
Cape Elizabeth   NOAA
New Dungeness   NOAA
Halibut Bank   NOAA
Sentry Shoal   NOAA
South Brooks   NOAA
La Perouse Bank   NOAA
NW Chart of Buoys and Stations   NOAA
Vancouver Island South Surf Report
British Columbia Virtual Buoys
Passage Weather
LOLA   Surfline (by subscription)

[Click for source site] NOAA/NCEP WAVEWATCH III Plots (+ n hours)   Scripps Research Institute
[Click for source site] Wave Watch 3 (WW3) Swell Wave Height and Direction - North Pacific   US Navy FNMOC

[Click for source site] Wave Watch 3 (WW3) Swell Wave Height and Direction - East Pacific   US Navy FNMOC

[Click for source site] Ocean Wave Model   Environment Canada

Significant Wave Height and Direction   Oceanweather


Current Maps   Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Current Atlas Tables
7-day Tidal Predictions   Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Tide | Current Tables 2016 | Note!Note that both the tide and current tables may be in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Check the table headings.   Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Secondary Current Stations   Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Location of Selected Current Stations

Island View Beach, Gordon's Beach, Willow's Beach, Dallas Rd...
Sooke Harbour I | Sooke Harbour II
Pender Island
Tofino - Cox Bay I | Cox Bay II

PS Composites
Murky Water Kayaks

Sea Kayaker
Coast & Kayak
Adventure Kayak

Sea Kayaking Skills
The Five Immutable Rules of the Kayak Forward Stroke    Brent Reitz
Different (Forward) Strokes    Sea Kayaker Magazine
The Forward Stroke    Oscar Chalupsky and Greg Barton

Tides Explained   NOAA
Kayak Stability
Storing & Transporting a Plastic Kayak
Building a PVC Kayak Cart
Replacing your Drysuit Gaskets NRS | Kokatat
Trimming Drysuit Gaskets
Surfing Etiquette
Freak Waves   BBC - Science & Nature

South Island Sea Kayaking Association (SISKA)
Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club
Sea Kayak Association of British Columbia
Active Sea Kayaking   Nick Castro
Kayak Noise   Spike Gladwin
Paddling Instructor
Live to Surf
Surfing Vancouver Island
RKK's Wind and Wave Links

Touring & Surfing Photos   Bob
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